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The Velocitor

The VELOCITOR is a hood-mounted, airfoil-styled wing that gives any car that aggressively dynamic competition look - and increases engine efficiency and performance. The faster you drive, the faster performance-robbing hot air is extracted from the engine compartment.

Ambient airflow through the VELOCITOR’s twin ports draws hot air out of the engine compartment via three-inch holes in the hood and sealed stainless steel ram tubes. Extracted air is vented upward to unique stainless steel venturi plates with patented swirl flow ribs and out the trailing edge of the wing.

At speed, a pressure differential between the engine compartment and the air flowing through the VELOCITOR, forces hot air out from under the hood. This results in lower engine compartment temperatures, reduction of heat transfer to the hood and improved engine efficiency and life. The airfoil-styled VELOCITOR also creates downforce, especially important when installed on front-wheel-drive vehicles.

Constructed of high-impact polymers and stainless steel, 200+MPH’s VELOCITOR Kit comes with detailed step-by-step installation instructions, mounting hardware and gaskets. The ready-for-paint VELOCITOR can be installed on any car or truck using basic tools and a three-inch holesaw.


  • 9 inches wide
  • 6 inches deep
  • 1.5 inches tall
  • improves engine performance

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